Your Strategies. Enabled.

FT is a suite of customizable, automated, integrated applications that offers best in class research and analytics functionality for prop trading firms, hedge funds and separately managed accounts that traffic in options.

For a proprietary user experience, shape these tools in infinite ways to focus on the information most critical to your specific trading or risk management style and to match the unique way you work, across the entire workflow stream:

Risk Analysis

RiskEdge helps you generate alpha with unparalleled real-time tools for risk management.

Volatility Analysis & Idea Generation

VolEdge helps you create alpha with exceptional tools that scan trades for volatility and generate trade ideas.


Novel and intuitive tools like RiskEdge Mosaic find alpha through graphical representation of complex trade and volatility data.

FT was designed by traders and risk managers to offer all clients the kind of powerful, customizable functionality previously only available to elite investment banks and proprietary trading firms.

The platform features enterprise-grade functionality and maximum versatility

  • Cutting-edge highly differentiated risk and volatility metrics.
  • Intuitive and powerful ranking, scanning and filtering capabilities.
  • Clearing firm and prime broker agnostic: support for start of day position files and real-time FIX drops from any clearing firm or prime broker; fully supported position and trade files in a simple FT format easily generated by clients and other vendor systems.
  • Open and extensible data model including full API access to system data.
  • Integration with any execution platform: seamless front end integration with major execution brokers (including WEX and ITG) and FIX integration with the majority of top clearing and execution firms.
  • Extreme flexibility with deployment, multiple prime support, multiple execution venues, client geographic locations, etc.
  • 24/7 real-time support from our seasoned team of options industry veterans.
  • Fully hosted deployments available in a dedicated redundant server farm.

More detail about FT risk analysis, volatility analysis, and visualization solutions.

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