FT Options was established by experienced traders and risk managers to offer buy and sell side options investment teams the kind of powerful, customizable portfolio management functionality previously only available to elite investment banks and proprietary trading firms.

FT Options is the premier platform that combines risk and volatility analytics and research. Prop trading firms, hedge funds and separately managed accounts can gain an edge in identifying and acting on profit opportunities through robust risk analysis, volatility analytics, research and idea generation, and visualization tools.

Featuring tremendous functionality out of the box, FT is made exponentially more powerful for you via our simple, customizable design. Best in class research and analytics functionality can be shaped in infinite ways to match the unique way you work, across the entire workflow stream. Flexible deployment scenarios meet the needs of any enterprise.

Our seasoned support team has years of trading industry experience and is on call to ensure that you get the most out of the platform through a perfect, customized fit. In both service and product development, we take a fresh approach to classic problems—continuous, user-driven innovation that helps you stay beyond the curve as you generate alpha.

Our objective: deliver a proprietary solution without the proprietary hassles.

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